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Huanghua BoHai machinery manufacturing co.,ltd
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        Huang Yu Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is a joint-stock private enterprise. The company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Huanghua City, Hebei Province. It is adjacent to Changshen Expressway in the east and Shihuang Expressway in the south. The two national highways G205 and G307 pass vertically and laterally. The transportation is convenient and the location is superior.
        The company has more than 500 employees, including 60 professional technical development and quality management personnel. Companies adhering to the "integrity, teamwork, innovation, pragmatic" spirit of enterprise and "details win, quality first, innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, the implementation of lean production management, continuous innovation and development, has become an important equipment manufacturing and manufacturing Huangpi City Machinery manufacturing company.
        The company currently produces and sells automotive parts, steel school equipment, hydraulic machinery and other products. Auto parts have become strategic suppliers for China's major automobile manufacturers such as China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Beijing Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. and Great Wall Yujie Joint Venture Plant; steel school products are mainly exported to the Americas and European markets; hydraulic machinery products have become the designated production enterprises of the Ministry of Water Resources .
        The company has a variety of models of presses (15T-500T), hydraulic presses (200T-500T), CNC pipe bending machine and a variety of processing equipment to meet the various requirements of customers on the plate, pipe processing; with carbon dioxide protection welding machine, TIG welding machine, welding robot, friction welding machine and other welding equipment, has a strong welding processing capacity; has four automatic plating lines, fully enclosed automatic paint line, automatic spraying lines and automatic electrophoresis lines, It can meet the surface treatment process requirements of all customers' products.
        The company has strong product design and development capabilities, has a perfect tooling, mold self-control capabilities, can quickly meet the customer's various new product development and customization requirements.
        The company adheres to the quality policy of “customer first, quality wins, and innovation and development”. It passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2002 and TS16949 certification in 2010. It has established a perfect quality assurance system and product quality testing capability, which can effectively guarantee product quality. Conformance requirements.
        The company has an excellent sales and after-sales service team, set up offices in Jinan, Shenzhen and Shanghai respectively, and has maintained close contact with customers and improved the rapid response capability of market services.
        In 2013, the company fully implemented the transformation and upgrading strategy. Invested in the establishment of Huangqi Blue Ocean Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to enter the water conservancy equipment manufacturing industry; and continuously optimized and upgraded the industrial structure, market structure, and product structure. It has achieved the goal of transforming the product structure from low value-added to high value-added, from the accessories market to the finished product market, and formed the three leading industries of auto parts, school equipment and hydraulic machinery.
        In order to better attract talents and retain talents, the company has established a fair, reasonable and rewarding remuneration system and performance appraisal plan, and has issued the equity incentive policy for key employees, setting up an idea for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and sharing for all employees. Business platform for corporate development achievements.
        Bohai Co., Ltd. is committed to satisfying customers' needs. It continues to improve its modernized operation and management system, comprehensively enhances its market development capabilities, product development capabilities, quality assurance capabilities, and production delivery capabilities, and strives to enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities. Industry, water conservancy industry and global school customers' development and dedication.


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